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Part 1 The game starts out with an intro as mentioned on the page, and then you walk to the exclamation point in the back of the plane, and then you get your 1st mession, bring a cup of coffie to the man in 1st row, and after bringing a cup of coffie to the old man, then you have to pick up pollows from the aisle, by clicking the pilows, after clicking the 4 pillows, then you have to go to the exclamation point again, then you have to go to the pilot's cabin,after doing so, then you have to feed the passingers, after that, you get an option to choose Zombies or Dwarfs, in both, you have to find the blacksmith, after talking with the blacksmith, you get brought back to the plane,  the difference from the plane eariler, is that now, there's a ramp now, go to the red exclamation, and revealed that there is a terrotist, the clue being that it's a zombie, after talking with the Zombie, the Zombie disappears,  go back to the red exclamation point, then you have to clean garbage bags out of the aisle, by clicking them, after the "comparment" (it's actually the aisle again) is clean, then another cutscene comes up.