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DirectX is an API for multimedia purposes, espically Games and videos.


It was first made in 1995 under the name "Windows games SDK", which was said to replace WinG from Windows 3.1. Although it wasn't shipped with Windows 95 originally, but it was first shipped with Windows 95 SR2 and Windows NT 4.0. The first issue some developers first saw at launch is that since DOS allowed direct access to the video card, keyboard, mice, and other hardware. Windows 95 on the other hand, had it's protected memory mode. It seemed a bit more challenging for developers to develop games for the operating system. The developers had a challenging task of testing DirectX on many different types of Graphics cards, and many other hardware. In each of their beta and final release. Prior to DirectX, there was also OpenGL introduced on their Windows NT systems, but it didn't have the features that DirectX had.