A spin-off Sonic game with the gameplay of Puyo Puyo and based of The Sonic Cartoon Show: "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog."


The gameplay is similar to Puyo Puyo. The player tries to get 4 pieces together, twice or more in a row, to try to overfill the opponent's side with as many dark green beans (black in the Master system/Game Gear version) as they can to defeat their opponent. There are 13 stages in the game. Each level can be continued with a password system. There are 3 (4 in the game gear version) methods of gameplay.


Spoiler warning
  1. Arms
  2. Frankly
  3. Humpty
  4. Coconuts
  5. Davy Sprocket
  6. Skweel
  7. Dynamight
  8. Grounder
  9. Spike
  10. Sir Ffuzzy-logik
  11. Dragon Breath
  12. Scratch
  13. Dr. Robotnik

Versions Edit

  • Sega Genesis Version
    • North America: November 1993
    • Europe: November 1993
  • Sega Game Gear Version
    • North America: December 1993
    • Europe: January 1994
  • Sega Master System Version:
    • Europe: July 26th, 1994
    • South America: July 26th, 1994

Differences between the Genesis and Master System/Game Gear versions:Edit

  • in The Genesis Version of the game, you have a countdown timer for the game over screen, whereas in the Master System/Game Gear version, there is no countdown on the Game Over Screen.
  • Whereas the Genesis version shows you the levels go in an order, the Master System/Game Gear version shows you all the levels on one screen.
  • The Genesis version has a faster version of the normal music starting at the Davy Sprocket stage, whereas in the Master System/Game Gear version, the music doesn't change till stage 9.
  • In the Genesis version, there are intros for the chararter before the stage starts, whereas in the Master System/Game Gear version, it just goes to the stage right away.


  • 3 themes from Puyo Puyo and the Lesson stages from Puyo Puyo are still in the coding in the Genesis version, but they aren't used in the game at all.
  • The French version has a different Box artwork
  • Both The Game Gear version and Genesis version got re-released on Sonic Mega Collection+ for the PS2.