"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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The 1st game of the Metroid series.


The game is well known for it's nonlinar gameplay, as you can go to some areas of the game in any order you'd like,  you play as Samus Aran, and you try to defeat mother brain in the near end of he game, there are 5 areas you go through, Brinstar (the area you start in), Norfair, uknown area name at the moment, other unknown area name at the moment, and Tourian, and you collect items that you can use throughout the game.

Differences between the NES and FDS versions:Edit

  • The FDS version has a save system, whereas the NES version has a password system.
  • Some music in both versions sound different, as the FDS has more sound channels than the NES.