"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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The successor of Microsoft Office '97, and the last version to support Windows 95.


along with being a successor to Office 97', it was also the 1st to use the Windows Installer technogly, which allowed it to have service packs.

Word 2000Edit

Kinda like your typical version of Word, not much to say about it now

Excel 2000Edit

Kinda like your typical version of Excel, except the clipboard can hold multiple things at once, and the infamous paper clip isn't as intrusive.

Outlook 2000Edit

Typical version of Outlook, it was also bundled with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000.

Powerpoint 2000Edit

your typical version of Powerpoint, nothing special about it at the moment.

Publisher 2000Edit

Small Business ToolsEdit


Access 2000Edit

Frontpage 2000Edit

Photodraw 2000Edit

Developer Tools and SDKEdit


Visio 2000Edit

Project 2000Edit

MapPoint 2000Edit

Vizact 2000Edit