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SimCity 2000
Developer Maxis


Electronic Arts


WW1994 (Mac OS, Amiga, DOS)

  • 1995 (SNES, Saturn, Microsoft Windows)
  • 1996 (PlayStation)
  • 1998 (N64)
  • 2000 (N64DD)
  • 2003(GBA)
  • 2008 (PSN)




Simcity (series)


SimCity 2000 is a 1995 city building simulation strategy game developed by Maxis, and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second game in the SimCity franchise. In this game, players can build cities and are in charge of the development and needs for the citizens, players can also damage their cities with many disasters.

Overview Edit

The gameplay is similar to the first game, although some new updates have been made to the game, such as the city is now viewed more from the side rather than overhead, buildings are more detailed, it's possible to zoom in on your city, and the game is also played in a Windows 3.1-ish "window" in the DOS version.

Versions Edit

SimCity 2000 Coverart

SimCity 2000 game cover.


A screenshot from the game.