The first 3D Sonic Game of the Series, (not counting the special stages in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog 2), it's the first Sonic Game on the Saturn, and the last on the Sega Genesis.

Sonic 3D Blast
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The premise of this game is that Robotnik captured the flickies and use them to make himself more powerful, Sonic visited the island and found them robotcized. He has to defeat all enemies on a map and then jump into a giant ring to save them.


The gameplay is to defeat 5 monsters of each section, and then progress on to another part of the stage enough with the flickes until you reach the last section, where after collecting the last 5 flickies, stand on the green X, you beat the level. like most Sonic games, there are special stages where you can pick a chaos emerald at the end of the special stage. To enter the Special Stage, collect at least 50 rings, and then go to either Knuckles or Tails, and then it'll take your rings, and put you in the Special stage. There are 5 zones in the game. The fire shield and the homing shield from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 do make a return, but nerfed the special ablites from the fire shield (it only helps protect you from fiery elements in Volcano Zone). There is also a Saturn version with updated graphics and a different soundtrack, and a PC version that added a save feature and changed the special stage.

Zones Edit

  • Green Grove Zone
  • Rusty Ruin
  • Spring Stadium
  • Diamond Dust Zone
  • Volcano Valley Zone
  • Gene Gadget Zone
  • Puppet Panic Zone
  • Final Fight

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  • There was a fan hack of Sonic 3D Blast, that featured Super Sonic in the game, whereas in the original game, Super Sonic wasn't in the game at all.
  • The Saturn version was made due to the development hell and cancellation of Sonic X-treme.
  • This is the only Sonic game, where the debugger has a special bonus in the Genesis version of the game to the player, if you cartridge tilt the game, you can end up in the stage select screen.
  • For some reason, a Fire Shield appears in Rusty Ruin Act 1, which unlike the Shield in Volcano Valley, it doesn't seem to protect the player from getting hit by the flamethrowers.