A game that is considered the worst of the Game Gear games and the last Game Gear Game of the Sonic series.


The game plays like the other Sonic games of that time (a 2D sidescroller), although the graphics are 3D, the gameplay is simply, collect rings so enemys don't kill you in one hit, and make it to the end of the stage, at the second act of enough stage, you can access a special stage, and try to get the chaos emerald, and collect all 5 chaos emeralds, and you get the good ending, you can also choose to either play as Sonic or Kunckles for the rest of the game, 


  • Green Hill Zone
  • Yellow Desert Zone
  • Red Volcano Zone
  • Blue Marine Zone
  • Silver Castle Zone



  • Many People consider it the worst Sonic game on the game gear.
  • This game also has the only appearance of Super Sonic in the Game Gear games, which is that sometimes, Super Sonic's face will show up on the signposts.
  • This is one of the few sonic games with an invisible time limit, as in, there is a time limit, but you don't see how much time you have left.