The first Sonic game on the Sega Master System, and the Game Gear.


The game plays similar it's counterpart on the Sega Genesis; except that if you get hit by an enemy, and lose your rings, you can't re-collect the rings. if you have at least 50 rings, you can access a bonus stage.  In the bonus stage, you bounce up and down on platforms that bounce you, you can pick up extra continues. The game has 6 Zones to go through.


  1. Green Hill Zone
  2. Bridge Zone
  3. Jungle Zone
  4. Labyrinth Zone
  5. Scrap Brain Zone
  6. Sky Base Zone

Differences between the Master System and Game Gear Versions Edit

  • in the Game gear Version, it is possible to hit the first boss while he is moving in the air, before he lowers and flies near the ground, it's not possible in the Master System one.


  • Despite Marble Zone's Music being in the coding, The zone isn't in the game.
  • interestingly, in the Master system version (not confirmed for Game Gear),like some Sonic Games, this one has a thing, in the first level where if you outrun the screen (while invincible) to the end of the level and then cross the end goal, the completed tune will play faster than normal, and then the sped up Green hill zone music will play slightly even faster than usual.