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Versions of Sonic The Hedgehog 2Edit

The Beta VersionEdit

Nick Arcade VersionEdit

The first version of Sonic 2 was shown in a few episodes of Nick Arcade, there are things not in the final can be seen here includes:

  • Emerald hill Zone played Starlight Zone's music from Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Chemical Plant Zone has Marble Garden Zone's Music
  • Hidden Palace Zone has Spring Yard Zone's music
  • Hill Top Zone has Scrap Brain Zone's Music
  • Green Hill Zone is present in the game, but with some glitches.
  • Tails is interdependent, meaning Player 2 can control Tails, but Tails will also follow Sonic.
  • Tails can't complete a level on his own.
  • 2-Player mode is less complete, due to some glitches and not being enabled for every zone.
  • There is no "star" graphic effect when Sonic is invincible, but the music for it plays, this lasts until the end of the level.
  • The "Double Hit Spike" bug from Sonic The Hedgehog is still present.
  • There is a mechanic where Sonic rebounds off walls if he runs into them at high speeds.
  • The spin dash can only be charged once.
  • The title screen looks more like the ones from the Master System/Game Gear versions.
  • The timer resets to 9:00 before hitting 9:59, meaning the time won't run out during stages.
  • As with Sonic the Hedgehog, if you connect it to a Sonic and Knuckles cartridge it loads the game "Blue Sphere".
  • If Sonic and Tails run into each other, an abundance of rings come flying out, regardless of how many rings the player has.

Simon Wai ProtoypeEdit


  • There are some zones not used in the final, these zones include Wood Zone, Dusty Hill Zone and Wood Zone.
  • When collecting 100 rings, the music will turn into an early version of the Death Egg Zone.
  • Oil Ocean Zone has brown pinballs that roll toward you unlike in the final
  • Oil Ocean Zone also lacks the flames in the pots that send you flying.