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A Sonic game based of the ABC Sonic Cartoon: The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Overview Edit

The game is like pinball, but sonic is the ball. the Game Gear version shows artwork of each level before you start.

Levels Edit

  • Toxic Pools (Toxic Pools in the Master System version)
  • Lava Powerhouse
  • The Machine
  • Final Showdown

Trivia Edit

  • There are 252 glitch levels in the game's coding, which can be accessed by a game genie code. If the Level is accessed, the following results would usually happen:
    • The game crashes on glitched graphics.
    • Sonic dies repeatbily in the level, and the death sound plays multiple times at once
If the 252 extra "levels" were used (as actual levels, instead of empty levels where Sonic will die repeatedly.), it would add up to 256 levels, which would make Sonic Spinball the longest game in the Sonic series