A Bootleg Mario game based off Super Mario World on the Genesis.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is similar to Super Mario World, except with heavier physics, and unlike Super Mario World, where you run by holding the run button, this game has the momentum build over time, the 1st 3 levels are very close to the original Super Mario World's Levels, the 4th one is also close, but has unique music, the 5th stage plays the jeperody theme, and original in level design, and the 6th stage is a challenging maze, along with after the maze, there is the screen with the goal post that you cross, and then the final boss, being a big block ball that jumps from one screen to another, that you must jump on 10 times to defeat. after that, you get the ending screen from Super Mario world, with the jeperody theme playing.

Things from the official Mario games Edit

  • on the sequence before the title screen, there is a Mario coin that is a lot like the one from Super Mario All-Stars, and The voice sample that plays is from Super Mario 64.