Task Manager is a program in Windows that allows a user to close, disable, or restart any program, without the close button, at a risk of stability as course.


The program originated as "Task list" in Windows 3.1, with that program, you can mostly just close programs with it, although in Windows 95 and up to Windows ME, there was a program known as "close program". if you push Ctrl-Alt-Del, it'll pop up on the screen, and if you push Ctrl-Alt-Del twice, you'll restart the PC. and a Program known as task manager is present, in Windows NT systems: Windows NT 4.0 and later. Task manager not only can close applications, but can also end their services in the "services" tab, check how much ram their computer uses, network activity, and choose to shut down, restart, standby, hibernate, and vice versa.


This program is often a target for malware, as malware often disables this program in order to prevent the user from disabling it's processes.

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Task Manager in Windows 10

Task Manager in Windows 10