The Wii is a 7th generation console developed by Nintendo. The Wii is currently competing with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. However, they are currently getting overshadowed by their next generation counterparts.


The Wii was first announced as the "Revolution" back in 2005, and shown off the Revolution in 5 colors. Only 3 of these colors saw a release. In E3 2006, numerous games were shown off. Many of them were never actually released, including Project H.A.M.M.E.R., which, according to Nintendo, is now officially "on hold". There's been no recent news about the game, so many assume it was silently cancelled.

Backwards compatibilityEdit

The Wii has full backwards compatibility with the GameCube. There are 4 GameCube controller slots, and 2 memory card slots. However, these GameCube games restricted to the GameCube's original specifications, unlike emulators. This means that the games have not been upscaled or improved in any way. Some GameCube accessories are incompatible with the Wii, including the Game Boy Player. This GameCube compatibility was ceased with the release of the Wii Family Edition and the Wii Mini.

Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionEdit

The Nintendo Wii had a Wi-Fi connection that allowed the player to connect to the Internet. This allowed several channels to function. It also enabled online play and access to the Nintendo Shopping Channel. There were numerous different ways to connect, including via USB.


Following the release of the Wii U, production of the Wii was discontinued. In May of 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was partially discontinued. Players can no longer play Nintendo DS and Wii games online anymore through that service, even when played on a 3DS and a Wii U respectively. However, the Wii Shop Channel is still fully accessible.


Wii MenuEdit

The Wii Menu simulates the feeling of "TV channels". Each application is represented by a channel. There are several pre-installed channels, such as the Photo Channel, the News Channel and the Shop Channel. Further channels can be downloaded via the Shop Channel. There is also the "Wii Notice Board", which generates daily reports of how long a player has used each games. Different games may also use this for high score notifications etc. In 2009, an update was introduced to allow players to access channels from an SD Card.

Virtual ConsoleEdit

Several retro games can be purchased and downloaded from the Shop Channel. These games range from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and several more. These games play almost identically to the originals, and most require either a GameCube controller or a Classic Controller.

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