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Windows 2000
Windows 2000's Desktop
Release dates
Menufacturing December 15th, 1999
Retail February 17th, 2000
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Windows 2000 is a Windows NT System that was released in 2000.


It was a business operating system intended for the office. Like its predecessor, Windows NT 4.0. Windows 2000 features many enhancements, such as USB support (Windows NT 4.0 lacked USB support).


The main concern at the time was if Windows was safe to use without getting a virus. The operating system was advertised as "the most secure Windows system ever", even though the systems running Windows 2000 got hit by viruses such as Code Red and Nimba.

Versions of Windows 2000 Edit

Latest versions of software that will run on Windows 2000 Edit

Program Latest version Notes
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6 SP1
Open Office 3.2.0

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