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Windows 8 is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows 7.

Overview Edit

The operating system has similar features to Windows 7 in some parts, such as SkyDrive and some other stuff being there. However, there are some changes in the OS, mostly notably, the removal of Windows Aero, and the start menu being replaced with a "Start screen".

Added features Edit

  • Start Screen

Removed features Edit

  • Start Button (was re-added back in Windows 8.1) [1]
  • Windows Desktop Gadgets; removed due to security vulnerabilities
  • Windows Aero (replaced with Metro)
  • Windows Classic is no longer an option on Windows 8


This operating system received very negative reception from the general public. Many people complained of it's "childish" design.

Another thing that was poorly received was the removal of the Start button and Start menu, along with bad compatibility for some programs.

However, it received good reception amongst tablet users.

Windows 8.1Edit

A major system update that improves on several features of Windows 8 including bringing back the Start button. However, it does not bring back the Start menu.

References Edit