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Win95 (1)

the desktop in Windows 95

Windows 95 is an operating system developed by Microsoft in 1995. It is notable as being the first 32 bit (although parts of it were 16 bit) operating system offered by Microsoft. It had the code name "Chicago" during development, the operating system is also famous for it's startup theme.


Windows 95 introduced several new and innovative features. It introduced "Plug n' Play", and  The most notable feature introduced was the Start menu.

Windows 95 introduced a fairly innovative concept still used today. Windows would act as a GUI over the command prompt window. Programs running Python still use this technique today.

Windows 95 PlusEdit

Windows 95 Plus is a special version of Windows 95, that adds many new features to the system, such as Desktop Themes, and Internet Explorer 1, Drivespace 3, compression agent, Space Cadet Pinball, and many other features. It also had some minor updates that were later used in Windows NT 4.0, Like it's predecessor, it not only had a CD version of the install disk, but a Floppy version as well.

List of latest versions of software that Windows 95 can support:Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the Windows Folder, there are leftovers from Windows 3.1, such as Program Manager and File Manager.

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