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Windows 98 is the predecessor of Windows ME, and successor of Windows 95.

Overview Edit

The operating system was released in 1998, and it has a 16/32 bit monolithic kernel much like Windows 95. It has newer and updated features and many technical improvements over Windows 95. Some of the newer and updated features include, a newer version of DirectX, and some of the ram bugs from Windows 95 were also fixed. Windows 98 was the first Operating system to feature the Windows Driver Model (WDM). Windows 98 can handle a max of 1 GB (although it is possible to run Windows 98 with more than 1 GB of Ram with a tweak to one of the Windows folder files). It discontinued on July 11, 2006.

Latest Versions of programs that work on Windows 98
  • Internet Explorer 6 SP1
  • Windows Media Player 7 (9 in Windows 98 SP2)
  • Outlook Express 6 SP1
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft Office XP
  • MSN Massager 7.0 [1]
  • Windows Media encoder 7.1 and Windows Media 8 Recording utility
  • Apple QuickTime 6.5.2 Player
  • DivX Codec v5.2.1
  • Nullsoft Winamp 5.35 (CD support lost in 5.35)
  • Quicktime Alternative 1.56
  • RealPlayer 10.5
  • foobar2000 v0.8.3
  • Intervideo WinDVD 6 (
  • CyberLink PowerDVD 6
  • GoldWave 5.25 (official last is 4.26)
  • Reality Synthesiser 1997
  • KbMedia Player (2.42 beta4, English patcher available for Version 2.41)
  • ffdshow 2322
  • VideoLAN VLC Player 0.8.6 (0.9 Nightlies work)
  • Audacity 1.3.7 Beta
  • VirtualDub 1.5.10
  • AviUtl (Video editing)
  • MP3Splitter 1.1
  • Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Avant Browser 11.0 build 46
  • Opera 10.66
  • Skype 1.4.x ( works without Video)
  • Open Office 2.4.2

Windows 98 PlusEdit

like Windows 95, there is a Plus! pack for Windows 98. Which includes the original themes with 18 new themes, some based on comics like Foxtrot, Garfield and The Peanuts. There were also other new features such as an "organic art" screensaver, Start Menu cleanup for Maintenance Wizard, Cybermedia Non-Critical File cleaner for Disk Cleanup, and Compressed Folders. It also came with games such as Microsoft Golf 98! lite, Lose Your Marbles and Spider Solitaire. It also came with a Deluxe CD Player with CDDB support, an express version of Picture It! and a free version of McAfee Antivirus 3.0 with 6 months of updates. Some features like Compressed folders would appear in Windows 2000 and later while others didn't.

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