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Windows NT is a platform developed by Microsoft.

Overview Edit

The older versions of Windows NT were intended for business use, so it was often optimized to handle a higher amount of ram than Windows 9x, and often more stable in the OS than Windows 9x, although unlike Windows 9x, it lacked MS-DOS and was often more expensive than Windows 9x systems. The newer versions (Windows XP and later) changed the Windows NT line from mostly Business-intended systems, to one line that caters to all.

Windows NT 3.1Edit

This is the first version of Windows NT to be developed. It ran on command prompt alone.

A second version, Windows NT 3.1 Advanced server was released. It introduced additional features and groundwork that would be used in later versions of Windows including the NTFS file system.

Windows NT 3.5Edit

Windows NT 3.51Edit

Windows NT 4.0Edit

The fourth version of Windows NT, and notable for using the interface from Windows 95. It introduced Task Manager.

Windows 2000 Edit

The fifth version of Windows NT, it included new features such as improved USB support.

Windows XP Edit

Windows Server 2003 Edit

Windows Vista Edit

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Windows 8 Edit

Windows Server 2012 Edit

Windows 10 Edit