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This is the first version of Windows NT to be developed. It was also the first 32-bit Windows system.

Overview Edit

A second version, Windows NT 3.1 Advanced server was released. It introduced additional features and groundwork that would be used in later versions of Windows including the NTFS file system. Unlike older Windows Versions at the time, this OS lacked MS-DOS. The architecture of Windows NT 3.1 was designed from scratch, and was originally intended to be a rewrite of the OS/2 operating system that Microsoft had co-developed with IBM; however, the popularity of Windows 3.0 resulted in a change to a more Windows-like architecture, a change which subsequently resulted in IBM discontinuing its partnership with Microsoft. The central design goals were portability to multiple processor architectures, as well as higher security and stability than the previous DOS-based operating systems.

Versions Edit

  • Windows NT 3.1
  • Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server