the Windows NT 4.0 desktop on the 1st run of the OS.

The first version of Windows NT that features the modern windows interface introduced in Windows 95, and the successor of Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5, and Windows NT 3.51


This version of Windows does bring back features from NT 3.5. It is the first Windows NT system, to have an interface similar to the modern interface used in Windows systems today. It also contained features installed by default from Windows 95 Plus, such as the Space Cadet pinball table, font smoothing, full window drag, high color icons and stretching the wallpaper to fit the screen. It also had the Desktop Themes utility as part of the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit. Windows Desktop Update could also be installed on Windows NT 4.0 to update the shell version and install Task Scheduler. [1]

Reception Edit

It was criticized, for lack of stability, due to that there wasn't that many NT-developed drivers back when it was first launched, along with how it's programmed, along with many other things, including, lack of USB support, some programs won't work on Windows NT 4.0, and many other reasons.

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  • It is the last Windows NT System to use "Windows NT" in it's name. (not counting the name "Windows NT 5.0" for older betas of Windows 2000)

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