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Windows Vista is the successor to Windows XP.

History of DevelopmentEdit

Windows Vista was first released as "Windows Longhorn", which would have had a lot of features, but after they tried to add a ton of new features to the OS, it got bloated, and some of the feature were moved to Blackcomb. The following features that would have been added are:

  • An add-on file system to NTFS, called "WinFS", which would have made file grabbing, and vice versa much faster.

Overview Edit

Windows Vista did introduce some new features, such as Windows aero, instant search (you can search for stuff just by using the search bar that is in the Start Menu.), and it also came with Windows Mail (which replaced Outlook Express).

Added Features Edit

  • Windows Aero

Removed Features Edit

  • Outlook Express (replaced with Windows Mail)
  • Windows Explorer can no longer open zipped files that are password protected; doesn't effect third-party tools like 7-Zip and WinZip.
  • Active Desktop